You want proof that Gnomes are Evil?  Well, here it is.  Garden Gnomes in pictures with some of the worlds most evil people.   

Osama, you think he is really bright enough to come up with the 911 plot.  I think not.  Obviously the brain child of a Garden Gnome.

Napoleon.  Just look at him.  E-v-i-l.

For all of you that lack a basic knowledge of South American history, Pinochet was one of the most violent dictators in world history.  Isn't it odd that he came to power soon after the Nazis fled Germany to countries such as Chile.  It kinda makes you think.

I think this one is self explanatory. 

Come on, you had to see this one coming.  How else do you explain Susan Sarandon's appearance on People's 50 most beautiful people.
We recently uncovered this little known photo of Hitler and a Gnome riding together in a 1938 parade in Berlin.  Many experts believe this to be Hitler's Grandfather.

And finally we come to the most evil of them all--George Steinbrenner.  George may be the only human that is actually more evil than a Garden Gnome.  I have personally seen Nomar hit a homerun in the 5th inning but the Yankees still won because Steinbrenner has a pact with the devil